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Toshiba PA3594U-1BRS Battery

“Little Big Planet 3″ is the first installment of the sidescrolling Sockboy game series on the PS4, and it is still absolutely adorable. Up to four-player cooperative play with new allies such as size-changing Toggle and flying Swoop allow for new environments to be explored, and it maintains the “Little Big Planet” handcrafted charm and humor. User-created levels from past games can still be played on the PS4 version, enhanced with improved graphics. “Little Big Planet 3″ will be available this November.

nomansskyLast but not least, “No Man’s Sky” is a procedurally generated, shared infinite universe experience where each player starts on a different planet. Yes, it’s that big. It will allow players to explore vast new worlds, encounter strange creatures and exotic locales, and engage in wildly vibrant space battles. With every planet a new experience to explore and survive in, “No Man’s Sky” is a beautiful journey to majestic science fiction worlds. For such a small studio like Hello Games (4 people!) to pull a project of this scale off, is something special and we’ll be keeping a close eye on it.

News of the upcoming 11.1" screen Sony VAIO TZ notebook that was leaked last week came without much information and no images. Thanks to some information from a French website retailer we now have images and full specs for the VAIO TZ11MN/N and VAIO TZ11XN/B.

The VAIO TZ11MN/N appears mostly the same as the TZ11XN/B except for the silver lid coloration instead of black on the XN/B, you get 1GB of RAM instead of the 2GB with the XN/B and the hard drive is 80GB instead of 100GB on the XN/B. The XN/B is rumored to have a carbon fiber lid — though the specs sheet does not confirm this. No release date is set, but a summer launch is assumed.

At this point, you’re going to have to work moderately hard if you want to stand out in a crowded market, and there are few markets more crowded than the storage space. HDDs, SSDs, USB, FireWire, Gig-E – so many options for expanding your data pool. Sony decided to finally dip their hand in the ring, and they did it with style.

The new HD-PG5U works as an external hard drive. As such, you can plug it into any USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 port and have access to a large, fast and portable storage space. As is typical with Sony electronics, however, the story hardly stops there. In addition to having that high-speed USB 3.0 tech, Sony has put on some proprietary software that reportedly accelerates even USB 2.0 connections.

Plug this puppy into the USB port on a recent Sony Bravia television, and you’ll be able to record live broadcasts right to the drive – perfect for snagging TV on the go. It’ll also act as a photo tank, but for video, with the latest HandyCam camcorder models. Just connect the two devices, and you’ll be able to move video from the camcorder directly onto the drive.

Finally, you’ll also be able to connect this drive comfortably to Sony’s PS3 for watching any of your recent video recordings thanks to the Filmy app.Unfortunately, the HD-PG5U is currently limited to just 500GB. That doesn’t seem too bad, but given as we are to increasing amounts of digital content, users might run into issues in the fall. For now, the drive is Europe only (specifically in the UK, Germany and France), and it remains to be seen whether Sony will bring it across the pond. No pricing data was given.

While notebooks aren’t exactly biodegradable and good for the environment, they can try and look the part. At least Sony thinks so, which is why they’re releasing a version of their VAIO FZ 15.4" notebook with earth conscious designs. Furthemore, Sony will donate 1% of each notebook sale to organizations working to preserve the environment.Sony and the CPSC have announced a recall of 233,000 million VAIO notebooks due to a burn hazard. To date the company has received “30 reports of units overheating resulting in deformed keyboards and casings.” No injuries have been reported.

Obviously, Sony’s PS3 games aren’t available for the Internet TVs (barring, of course, hooking up your own system), but Android games should be coming along with the future downloadability of apps from the Android Market. Meanwhile, the new Internet TVs and Blu-ray player will come with some apps already on board, including Twitter, YouTube, Netflix, Pandora, CNBC, NBA and Sony’s Qriocity video on demand (VoD) service.

The GUIs are actually slightly different for the Blu-ray player and the TVs, although we found both to be quite intuitive. In both cases, there are two separate search functions available from Sony’s menus: TV Search and Internet Search. If you toggle into Internet mode, you can also access Google or any other search engine (as well as any Web site).Peter Sherman, Google’s product marketing manager for Google TV, said that Google and Sony haven’t yet decided where the Android Market will show up on the GUIs.

Sony has teamed up with surf-and-skate outfitter Billabong to release a special edition VAIO netbook for the summer beach season. The Sony VAIO W Series Imperial Lime Green Edition features a specially designed, brightly colored lid that helps it standout from the staid black, white, or silver netbooks we’re used to seeing and, I suppose, you’d never want to be seen with at the beach.

While the design is attractive, for the netbook to be truly beach worthy, we would have liked an extra bright display to accompany the extra bright design.

Branding laptops with cool cars is all the rage these days, so why not brand them with movies too? Sony has done just that as they roll out a series of 007 branded gear that allows you to "Gather intelligence on your next assignment."

Sony ran demos at the event using DISH Network’s satellite services, but we were told that Internet TV will also support various cable TV networks. For the most part, the gear ran really smoothly at the launch, although we did experience delays of several seconds in switching in and out of the Dual View split-screen mode.

Google 3D?
Sony’s new Internet TV products are taking a major leap forward over previous industry efforts, which have tended to be very restrictive in Web site access. The addition of Google apps early next year should be a huge plus. Over time, Google-driven Internet TV is sure to gain even more capabilities. Will 3DTV ever be one of them?

“That’s a possibility. I don’t see why 3D TV couldn’t happen with Internet TV. But in these particular products, we’re just focused right now on combining TV with the Internet,” said Matt Seymour, a senior product manager at Sony.In order to use the XP mode in Windows 7, computers need to support hardware virtualization. Unfortunately for Sony VAIO notebook PC owners, the company has deliberately disabled hardware virtualization on all of the current models, and only select models will have the support in the future.The VAIO P is about the thickness of a cellphone and Sony is claiming a weight of 1.8lbs, meaning it can comfortably fit into your coat pocket or easily slide inside a purse or backpack pocket. The screen may be small at 8-inches, but the unbelievable 1600 x 768 resolution will mean a lot of viewing real estate can be crammed into that small area — at the cost of very small text and icons of course. The screen is a glossy XBRITE-ECO variety.

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