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Dell PT434 Battery

One area where we find the cooling in Apple's MacBooks to fare better is when plugged in. Even while charging, our equivalent Core i5 Retina MacBook Pro stays quiet; on a charging Surface Pro 4 we get noticeably more (and louder) fans than we do on battery power. A plugged-in, charging device will always generate more heat, but (with the same workflow) Apple's fans don't kick in nearly as often when plugged in.

The Surface Pro 4's hybrid cooling system is still, however, a huge improvement – and one of the best reasons to upgrade. We also spent a few days with the entry-level (Core m3) Surface Pro 4, and that completely fanless model is silent as the grave. The downside there is that it's 25-28 percent slower than our Core i5 review unit (based on our Geekbench 3 results).

If your needs don't demand loads of raw horsepower, then that silent model is still a zippy machine that may suit you just fine. We were able to edit a batch of Lightroom RAW images, with Photoshop and a web browser running in the background, and it handled it all surprisingly well (not as snappy as on the i5, but completely acceptable).

Your decision comes down to a 33 percent faster (single core benchmark) to 40 percent faster (multi core) Core i5 Surface for just an extra Benjamin. As long as you can live with click-to-play Flash in your browsers, the fan and heat output situation on the Core i5 model is good enough to make its $100 difference in price worth it for most.

In the testing, capacity dropped to 60 percent when exposed to 60-degree temperature for three months, and 65 percent when the temperature was 40-degrees. For this reason, don't expose your gadgets to heat like leaving them bake in the sun inside a car.

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It's also a good reason to worry about heating issues on a smartphone, as it can plunge the battery life quite drastically over time. On a laptop, you should look at using a cooling pad to make sure the CPU vent is being vented away. Exposure to dust can clog vents and make your fans run on overtime, leading to an additional resource burden, so keep the environment clean and dust free.

2) Go for paid apps, instead of free ones
Ad-supported apps reduce battery life by 2.5 to 2.1 hours on average, a study conducted by US-based researchers revealed. To quote the study, a phone's processor is like its brain - and ads eat up a lot of that brain power, slowing it down.

Not all free apps are draining your battery, but if you're seeing advertising on it then assume it comes with a bandwidth and processing burden. Spending a bit on apps might pay off handsomely, considering some apps are available for as low as Rs. 10 on both Google Play and the App Store.

I also found that I could move my pointer across the desktop in one or two easy movements, rather than picking up my fingers and reswiping several times as I did on the Surface Book. When clicking down, I found that the Pro 4's touchpad provided much better tactile feedback.
  Both the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book have higher-than-HD screens that display bright, rich and accurate colors. The Pro 4's 12.3-inch display has a resolution of 2736 x 1824 pixels, compared to the 13.5-inch Surface Book's 3000 x 2000 pixels. The panels have an identical sharpness of 267 pixels per inch and very similar brightness, measuring 382 and 387 nits, respectively, on our scale.

Both devices can display a wide range of colors: The Pro produced 99.7 percent of the sRGB spectrum on our tests, while the Book managed a similar mark of 98.5 percent. Both panels were also extremely accurate, with Delta-E error rates of 0.35 and 0.57, respectively (0 is perfect).

However, when we put the two displays side by side and watched both a 4K trailer for Suicide Squad and a 1080p trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the Surface Book's screen emerged as the clear victor. Both devices offered sharp images, but the colors were warmer and more vibrant on the Book's 13.5-inch panel. The red in Kylo Ren's lightsaber and greens, like the laser blasts in a space dogfight, really popped on the larger display. The Surface Pro 4's images had a bit of a blue tint, making the sand in the deserts of Jakku and the red on Poe Dameron's flight suit look dull by comparison. The white of Stormtroopers' armor was also a lot whiter on the Book than on the Pro.

On a laptop, running a local application to do something like text editing will consume less battery than firing up your browser and using an online resource. So, if you're not using it, turn your Wi-Fi connection off - on a Windows PC this is as simple as pressing Fn+F2 on the keyboard. The exact function key can vary, depending on the device manufacturer, so just look for a key with a Wi-Fi symbol next to it.

3) Turn off location tracking
According to a recent news report, the Facebook app drains the battery of iPhone users as it's constantly tracking the user's location using the GPS module. Turning off location tracking for apps that don't need your location will certainly help.
The next in line laptop from Apple, "MacBook Air 2016" is speculated to come out either before the year ends in time for the Christmas season or early next year.

Rumors have it that with Black Friday around the corner, a new device from the Cupertino-based giant may be launched alongside the reboot of MacBook Pro and iPad Air 3 in order for the company to allegedly take advantage of the expected increase in sale.

However, other reports claim that Apple may decide to wait for a later release window to highlight the arrival of the MacBook Air and to presumably cut down the cost. If this comes to fruition, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and Apple TV will be among the newest and last set of gadgets consumers will be able to get their hands on for 2015.
Did You Know?
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When it comes to specifications, the new generation MacBook Air 2016 is predicted to be offered in two variants – a bigger 15-inch display and a smaller and handier 13-inch one. Both may have Retina display to produce vivid and vibrant images.

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