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HP pavilion n5462 Battery

What this means is that, with the right router, you'll be able to connect at link speeds of up to 1,300Mbits/sec, which is fast by any measure. In slightly less exciting news, Bluetooth 4.1 is also supported.There’s not much else to get excited about. The presence of Dell’s one-touch battery meter is welcome – press a button, and five LEDs light up to indicate remaining capacity – but I’m not sure anyone will get excited about the 720p webcam. It’s alright, and for most people fairly irrelevant, but I do wish manufacturers would pony up for decent image sensors on high-end laptops.Still, I guess I should take solace in the fact that the XPS 15 at least has a decent set of speakers hidden away inside. Crank them up and switch the Waves MaxxAudio Pro app to its Music setting (the default MaxxSense mode tends to distort a little too much for my taste), and the result is better audio quality with music, movie and game soundtracks than most laptops I’ve encountered.

Photoshop has long been the mainstay of designers, photographers and internet meme makers. This free iOS app is in no way a replacement for the in-depth editing tools that come with the full Photoshop release, but it’s one hell of a starting point for beginners.Angled towards patching up photos, the app has tools that give you the ability to warp faces, “heal” pictures by removing imperfections (or unwanted people in the shot), as well as tweak a range of colour, focus and tone options. You can export layers to Photoshop CC, making it both a great ancillary tool and quickfire editor. The fact that all of these features are free is mind-blowing.By Instagram, Layout is a useful collage-making app that lets you combine your photos into creative composites. There are similar apps out there but none are as polished as this, and the connection to Instagram offers easy integration between the two.

Do you remember those photo booths in the rundown bowling alley near the multiplex cinema? The ones that spat out pictures of you like you were an artwork – sketched in the style of da Vinci or van Gogh? Prisma is a bit like that, except you don’t have to spend £5 or step on month-old popcorn.Unlike other photography apps, Prisma doesn’t simply overlap your picture with filters. Instead, the app scans the data of your pictures and uses a combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence to edit the photos. The result: swirling impressionistic version of your pictures. It’s a lot of fun to play around with, although it takes time for the edited pictures to be processed.This app lets you turn your photos into almost every album cover ever to have graced the front page of Pitchfork. You can turn your images into geometric patterns, and there’s a lot of fun to be had experimenting with different shapes and collages.

VSCO Cam upgrades the standard iPhone camera app to give photography enthusiasts full control over the shutter speed, ISO and white balance – as well as letting you choose focus and exposure values from separate areas of your frame.Once you've captured the perfect image, you can apply a range of filters with adjustable strength. Manual post-processing tools let you apply exposure correction, deskew images, adjust colour temperature and more. What makes VSCO Cam stand out is that these edits are non-destructive, so you have full freedom to experiment and perfect your image. When you're done, you can share your creations on an online gallery.The iPad app doesn't offer the full range of manual camera controls, but images can be synced between multiple devices, so you can shoot on your iPhone then edit on the big screen.

This app from VSCO lets you make GIFs, add a bunch of simple filters and share via VSCO and your social network of choice. Point the camera, hold down the screen and you’ll record a looping clip of up to 2.5 seconds. After you’ve published, the GIF will be saved on your camera roll both as a GIF and as an MP4 video.In practice it works a bit like a cross between Vine and Snapchat – with a simple user interface that lets you hit the ground running. The minimalist design can sometimes be paradoxically confusing, but there’s something inherently charming about jittery GIFS that keeps them popular on the internet, and this app is ultimately a useful tool for making your own.

What used to happen for free with crappy VHS players is now the subject of an app that lets you turn photos into glitchy works of art. For less than a quid you get a sizeable range of tools, from databending to turning pictures into a grid of emoji. There’s definitely a book waiting to be written about the popularity of the glitch as an aesthetic – originally something accidental and broken; now something purposeful and constructed – but it’s probably best not to think too hard and just enjoy making your photos freaky.There are more than enough tools included in the base version to impress and terrify your followers, although if you’re here for hi-res exports you’ll need to shell out £2.29 for the Pro version.With millions of Android apps to download from Google's Play store, it's understandable that you might feel a bit rudderless. Don't fret - we're here to guide you through the jungle of the Google Play Store. Simply the best Android apps.

We've listed the 59 best Android apps any phone needs, sorted by type from social and entertainment to fitness and travel apps. You may notice that there's no games in the list. That's not an oversight, it's because we have the best Android games listed elsewhere. You’d be forgiven for thinking unknown forces are at work when you see the attraction of jam-ridden fingers towards shiny touchscreen devices. Tablets have evolved from the bulky early iPad to a market now filled with high-definition displays, and have now overtaken laptops in popularity.It’s not really surprising that children enjoy using these devices – they’re designed to be lightweight and intuitive to use, after all. And, while interaction with technology shouldn’t be discouraged, there are several things to keep in mind before you hand over a tablet to a child. Here are a few.

Peter Jenkinson: The number of kid-focused tablets that have appeared is both impressive and slightly annoying. It’s impressive that so many devices appeared almost overnight from previously unknown brands, all trying to encourage parents to buy. What’s annoying is the “stick a kid’s character on it and they will come” approach, which has brought a number of below-average devices to the aisles.The poor processing speeds and questionable content on these devices often leads to children demanding to play with their parents’ devices.Alphr says: The growth of tablets isn’t something you can just run and hide from. Your child will be interacting with mobile devices at school, in museums and elsewhere, and will understandably want to have the same experiences at home. This doesn’t mean running out to buy whatever kid-branded device you can find. If you have a spare tablet in the house already, or don’t use your own device very often, buying a new, kid-friendly tablet isn’t essential.

With a little common sense, you can easily find child-friendly apps via the Family section on the Google Play store. Most apps don’t require an overly powerful device to run, and thanks to Google’s screening process and user reviews, it’s easy to find great apps and games for your child to enjoy.Peter Jenkinson: Kid-tech specialist VTech recently announced its takeover of LeapFrog, but it also admitted to having its entire database hacked. Its Learning Lodge was compromised, and little has been done since to restore any confidence.In fact, the last word was of a change in its terms and conditions, taking a zero-accountability approach. Many parents had come to trust both brand names with the “edutainment” of their kids, but these latest revelations mean we should approach each with caution for now.But don’t worry: not only have other manufacturers come up with child-specific tablet offerings, but the prices of more grown-up tablets have declined too, making it worth considering these for children.

Alphr says: If you look beyond the kid-friendly logo, there are a number of mainstream tablets you could consider for your children.The best of these is Amazon’s Fire tablet range. The company’s Fire OS software has extensive integrated parental controls, allowing you to restrict the amount of time spent using the tablet and the sort of content consumed.Plus, with prices reaching as low as £50 for the Amazon Fire tablet, you don’t need to take out a mortgage to supply the whole family.It’s also possible for children to use a “grown-up” tablet safely by installing a parental-control app such as Qustodio. This allows you to apply content and app restrictions, and even have reports delivered to you over email informing you what your children have been up to.Peter Jenkinson: Before taking a look at the best tablets on offer for children, there are some who believe that children should have little or no screen time. To say that technology is a growing part of our society and that children should be digitally savvy simply isn’t enough.

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